• Green renewable energy is the path to a sustainable future

Interactive Clean Energy Financial Tool ICEFin An automated tool for anyone who needs help with the calculations required for renewable energy financing of electricity production.

About Us

Prospect Renewables is a Fintech company focused on renewable energy financing.

Our FinTech solution aims to automate the financial analysis of investments in renewable energy for electricity production, thus rendering the market for renewable energy more efficient by reducing costs and entry barriers, and opening opportunities to many more potential energy producers.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of financial, technical, and regulatory environment to assist our clients in the development of their solar, wind, or geothermal projects.

Our Culture

Our culture is what makes us unique. It is how we choose to operate our business. It is a combination of our vision and our philosophy of retaining, promoting, and attracting the right people, operating in a way that directly reflects our core values and putting customers first. Our culture is clearly reflected in the way we treat our employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and communities.

Our Vision

Prospect Renewables' vision is to be recognized as one of world’s most innovative, respected, reliable, and affordable solution providers for renewable energy financing.

Our Services

  • Our key product,ICEFin (Interactive Clean Energy Financial Tool) , is the financial analysis web platform designed to facilitate decision making for existing or potential producers of electricity through renewable energy sources.
  • ICEFin provides users with detailed financial analysis and decision making tools to conduct cost-benefit and break-even analyses and assess feasibility of projects involving the installation and operation of a renewable energy based electricity production system.